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Gulshan Dynasty High Rise Residential Apartments

Gulshan Dynasty is a project in which there are a lot of property options available right now. This project is coming up really fast. This project is located at a good location. Gulshan Dynasty is going to be regarded as the best project of Noida. There are whole lot of payment plans that are available in this project. The payment plans have been kept in mind by the builder so that even small investors can invest money. The investors are looking to make money from this project. The investors are sure they are going to make handsome profit from this project. The builder is importing cement for this project from Norway and the bricks are being imported from Mongolia for this project.

This project has been designed by an architect from New Zealand. New Zealand architects are quite impressive and they come up with the best projects in their own country. The architects are going to come up with a decent mall in Noida also. There will be wide roads inside the project. The builder is getting all the approvals from the local authorities. No other projects in Nodia has all the approvals. The builder is going to get the documents shortly.

New Commercial Project: Gulshan Homz sector 129

Ace Medley Avenue Truly Nice Project Sector 150 Noida

Ace Medley Avenue is the project of the century. This project has excellent looks. The project will have inspiration from projects in USA. The shoppers will love coming here again and again and do a lot of shopping. The project will have open culture and there will be massive increase in the prices.

Ready to move residential project: Ace Parkway resale Sector 150 Noida

The project is located in the best sector of Noida. The sector has good drains and street lighting. Ace Medley Avenue is the project in which shops are going to be excellent. There will be imported bath fittings in this project. There will be imported cement in the project.

Ace Medley sector 150 will be identifiable from quite some distance. The project will have different kind of lights. The project will give returns to the investors within few months of investment.  The builder uses modern tech to build the project. The builder has constructed projects all over the country. The projects of the builder are known for good looks. There is very good style in the projects. The builder is going to construct another project of this kind in Greatrer Noida. The builder is very keen in the real estate market of Noida.

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ACE Golfshire Noteworthy project Sector 150 Noida

ACE Golfshire Noida is a new project in Noida and is coming up really fast. This project is going to have all the new facilities that are there in any real estate project. This project is going to become darling of buyers. The buyers will love the scenery around the project. There will be lot of lawns and gardens inside this project. There will be proper power supply in the project the rate of power backup would be very low and there will be no surcharge for the power backup. There will be proper car parking for the visitors. There will be proper parking for the residents. All the residents will like to live in this project. There will be special safety features in this project and no outsider would be allowed inside the project without proper identification. There will be number of males and servants who will work in this project.

Ready to Move commercial project: Ace Parkway Sector 150 Noida

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County 107 luxury project with Mind Blowing Features

County 107 is like a township in itself with all the facilities like washer man and laundry services. The project will have many shops inside for the daily needs. There will also be garment shops and footwear showrooms. The project is suited for buyers who remain busy and have very little time to do shopping. The County 107 project will have modern apartments which will have many smart features. The lawns in the project will be taken care of by 100 gardeners who will make the lawn beautiful. Only seasonal flowers will be planted in the lawns and not bushy plants. The project is almost sold completely. Few units are that are left may see price revision soon. If want to buy. Then buy at the earliest since the price can go up anytime now. The project will have modern lighting system. This will result in power savings for the residents who can use the saved money for shopping and other things.

New Residential project: Ivy County Sector 75 Noida

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Gulshan Ikebana Best Project of Delhi NCR

Gulshan Ikebana is the most notable housing project of Noida and the construction is going on in full speed. The project is going to be delivered on time and the price of the houses will also rise by that time. The Gulshan Ikebana Noida project has best aesthetics. The kitchen in the apartments will be constructed after a lot of thought. The kitchen is the place any Indian woman spends maximum time and project will have the best kitchens in the country. The kitchen will be built in way that woodwork can be done at any stage. The builder is going to deliver extra punch to the buyers of this project. The project can result in many financial gains. The project has huge parking area. There will be separate parking for the quests. There will also be rest area for the drivers. The project has been rated as the best project In Delhi NCR.

New Project: Gulshan Botnia Noida

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Logix Blossom County Ready to Move Residential Project

Logix Blossom County is a special kind of a project there will be white doors and windows in this project so that there is proper ventilation. The area around this project is green and will be beneficial to the residents of this project because of fresh air. All kinds of facilities are near the project and these facilities can be accessed by the residents of this project who will live here. This is a very nice project and there are many buyers for this project. Logix Blossom County Noida is superior to all other projects in Noida. No other project in Noida is in comparison to this project. Buyers will take pride in living here. The buyer’s wires will be able to take advantage of the many facilities that are available in this project. There will be massive price escalation in this project in the next 6 to 8 months and if you are thinking of buying property then you must buy in this project.

Under Construction Project: Logix Blossom Greens Noida Expressway

New Residential Project: Logix Blossom Zest Noida Expressway

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Kalpataru Vista luxurious project Sector 128 Noida

Kalpataru Vista will have many beautiful features. It will be the most beautiful project of Noida. The Builder is getting many things from Canada for this project. There will be three different gates in this project so that the people of this project do not face any problem in coming in and getting out. There will be a very sophisticated kind of power backup in this project and the money charged from the residents of this project for power backup would be really low. Most of the projects that are there in Noida charge a huge amount from the residents for power backup but the builder of this project has decided that he will not charge very high prices from the buyers for power backup. There will also be a very nice lift and elevator in Kalpataru Vista which will be beneficial for the residents. These lifts will be repaired from time to time and there will be no problem in running the lift all the time.

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Ivy County High rise Society sector 75 Noida

Ivy County is a super duper residential project which is being liked by the people of Delhi NCR and they are lining up to have a look at the location and the master plan. The Ivy County project will have excellent looks. There will be two gates for the residents so they do not face any inconvenience. There will be high speed elevators in Ivy County sector 75 project which will be serviced regularly. The residents on the top floors will have no problem since the elevators will be very high speed. There will be modern power back up system and the residents will not feel the pinch of power cuts. There will be lots of malls in the nearby areas for the residents to go and do sopping from. The location is ideal for sophisticated families.

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Saya South X Amazing Commercial Complex

Saya South X is a very nice commercial high street which is meant for modern shoppers. The mall will have the latest style and the shopkeepers here will do good business. There will be plenty of footfalls here and it will be like a festival all the year round. The Saya South X will have a modern type of car parking and there will be no chance of theft of car in the parking. There will be complete safety of cars in the parking. There will be CCTV cameras in the parking and the occupiers will feel safe too. There will be a fire fighting mechanism in the mall which will be the best in the country. The fire fighting system is a mist these days since there are frequent fires in malls and theatres and there is lot of lives lost in these fires. Without a good fire fighting system, there can be no proper certification of the building.


Ace Medley Avenue Commercial Hub sector 150 Noida

Ace Medley Avenue is a commercial project like no other. The builder is making this project in such a way that it stand out in looks and décor. The builder is getting the bricks for the project from Switzerland and the cement from France. This means that the project will be international in every sense of the word. There will be serenity around the project since there are lots of gardens around the project.

Ace Medley Avenue is being developed by a builder who has developed many other projects in the country. The resale value of the property here will be fairly good. The buyers can expect to double their money in 1-2 years by investing in this project. The investors are flocking to this project for this reason. There is no other commercial project in the country which is promising such high returns.

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