The market for plots is the most promising now with regulatory uncertainties now ebbing. While the prices of plots in and around Noida were under pressure in terms of prices, that trend seems to be over now with renewed interest among buyers which is now seen.There is new supply of plots in the Noida market that have ‘mixed use’ status, meaning one can use it for both residential as well as commercial property.Even the old supply of plots now available for both fresh booking alongside resale by earlier buyers hold out good promise in terms of returns on investment.

There are various options available in plots being offered by Jaypee, Unitech and Lotus with various payment offerings. We have linked many plot owners with sellers and also dealt in fresh deals for plots.Our sales staff with on-ground information on the prices and trends with free and fair assessment of the property are willing to impart the knowledge whether the actual deal is done through us or not.We have also effected deals where in 2-3 people came together and bought a single plot. Our vast network and database have helped us bring people together so that the deals could be completed fast.

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